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Shut up, u have no right to speak when I speak; MikeI showed it to the officer, his brows furrowed and his lips pinched together.Febe was spending weeks in Barcelona and only occasionally coming home.Flying so frequently did get a bit tedious and so she did her best to spice it up for her chief.The two Megans were struggling to break free, but they were no match for the undead monsters choking them.Which would take awhile.Her large breasts swayed before my face as her hands slid down my muscular chest to my rippling abs.“You can call me, ‘Daddy’ like this.” He warmly smiledHer countenance was dark, too, which wfas part of the attraction -- a bit Gothic, long before Gothic was hip.We had been in bed shagging on Friday night with May on her back and me on my side with my hips under her right thigh and her left thigh in-between my legs and my cock ramming really deep inside her.Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this.I fall backward completely god smacked by the best kiss I

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