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The patient removes his pants and underwear and sits on the edge of the examination table with his legs spread.All the while she chatted to me her eyes bored into me as she asked me to come closer, take off my clothes and sit on the edge of the blanket.She will talk and do such erotic things that you can’t imagine from that Hitler lady.I didn’t know you were home.The egg kept zapping me and a few people asked me if I was okay when I gasped or winced or screwed-up my face when it started up.She admitted she got jealous of Shannon having my heart.When I was fucking them I asked them to rub my clit."Not so loud Jay, head is banging son" was her answer.I picked Dakota up, honeymoon style to carry her to the second bedroom.Satisfaction.”He leaned forward, felt breath from her nostrils."Such a good little slut he is! Aren't you?As my tongue massaged her beautiful privates, she began to murmur over her mouth on me to continue my service to her and not to stop."The question is what have

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