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Her shaking hands held my head as I thrust with my tongue again and again . . .She couldn’t believe he would do that and yet in the midst of passion she didn’t want him to stop.Order in the house!"“Speaking of May…” she added deviously, taunting me with the phone in her hand.Now then, we need to set up a direct line.“Yeah it’s going to cost you a kiss,” She says as she stares into my eyes.Some were laying beneath their wives as they were getting fucked.They stroked his hair, they massaged his neck and back, they caressed his ass, they tingled his legs and feet."Yes, she went to bed a half hour ago."She jostled her hips as a vampish taunt then relaxed back on him.Karyn.I kneel on stone flagstone in a dim room.And the longer Milo was back there tongue-fucking her the more turned-on she became.Panting he fell on her and went in to a state of semi-consciousness.My pussy clenched down on his dick, increasing my pleasure.Her bare, slick pussy lips were sliding open.As I put t

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