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We reached the apex, my body shaking and convulsing, Zander’s pressing as though trying to merge with me. He growled in my ear as he thrust upward, lifting my body off the ground, leaving me straddled across his bridge, pierced to the limit by his weapon.Yours!Her head was swimming.Alex laughed.Extend your tongue and draw it slowly along the shaft to the head where you will give it the daintiest of kisses.”My instant reaction was that he was going to tell me off for walking around the hotel wearing virtually nothing, but I was wrong.The sensation of a new girl stroking my manhood sent shivers of euphoria through my body.“Yes, yes, yes, Sam!” she moaned.Again...I ignored it as best as I could.Lucy agreed, but asked quickly, "Daisy...Everyone at our college knew he was the father of her child even though she claimed it was some Canadian boy she met and who had gone back home before she knew she was pregnant.As he and Avery both made for the door she spoke, her voice low, "Oh, and

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