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My blouse was semi-sheer white so the sheer white, lace-trimmed, bra underneath was visible underneath.Philip looked at me and nodded gratefully.“You have a slight accent."Well I guess I've seen some porn.“ Just wrap your hand around me…..that’s it…..you can use your other hand to feel my testicles if you want…..yeah…you need to be a bit more gentle with them that you do with my cock….now just move your hand up and down a couple of times…that’s good Sandy……ok…stop now.”Cindy arched back and yelled quietly as her dad took her virginity in one quick thrust.Anna had expected a cunt as big as a barn.“I could drive you.I wasn’t huge physically, but thanks to the changes in my brain I had been able to sculpt my body to maximize my strength.The mischievous grin on her face told me that it was pointless saying anything and that she was going to humiliate me in the worst possible way.I said, "mmm..."As we were waiting for the lift 3 middle-aged men walked up.Next