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I stopped as a thought popped into my head.- Lissa ...?!You’re gonna make papa feel really good after a hard day of work, won’t you?”“So that’s the name of the blonde bimbo upstairs having the time of her life?”I stared at her for a few seconds.Just the name conjured images of a slasher jumping from the shadows on a Halloween night, just like in horror films.I loved how it was making me feel.Text me your address in an hour, I don’t feel like being in this dress, so I’m going to use my time to change.Plan accordingly, James Richard.”Your ass has been prepped.My jizz fired out of me. Pleasure shot through my body as my spunk unloaded again and again into her writhing bowels.Getting the whole tip of my cock inside him proved difficult.I swallowed every rope of jizz he sent into my mouth.But that’s the politics of Aghara-Penthay.I was on fire, even by my own standards.I linked my fingers with hers, and brought her hands together against the headboard above her head, lea

"and to think we were together for so long but... we never ACTUALLY met in person" Morgan said.I heard Bailey more clearly.“When did you and Jules start playing?” I askedI took my time with her, wanting to savor her thunderous purring.“That sarong spoils the look a bit.” Zoe said.Zahra had been out for quite some time looking for the other two of the deadly trio.“AHEM.” Rebecca exclaimed rigidly, her soporific expression draining away.I hold your clit Tube XXX between my lips as I start to flutter my tongue over it.“Wow.At some point one of them suggested looking at porn again.I burst into wanton giggles the moment I was out of the store.She leaned over at the waist, the back of her skirt riding up to near the top of her hose, exposing her legs to the tops of her hose.As my cock began to deflate I rolled over and off of Jennifer.Her UPP mentor told her to be prepared for thisWe embrace even tighter, putting our lips together.Tera was as cunning as she was charming, and ruthless wh

Her hands are positioned on the desk, and when she tries to move, she realizes she has been spelled in place.“Oh for fuck’s sake, shut up.” Matt interrupted.Larissa flipped her jet black hair aside and looked back at me. She could barely breathe.I look up to see the moon starting to poke out behind the few clouds in the sky.Max greeted us at the door and followed us into the room taking station just below Melody, completely ignoring his bed until I brought it over to him.“About six months now.”While Neva was explaining her theory Febe had worked her miracle and was sucking again on my hard cock.This time she waved again, making sure he saw.She was more slick, wet and hot than anyone else he had fucked in the last two years."Master please allow me to return to you and be your bitch again.All of the girls looked at me and asked what is the next dare.She was tense in her shoulders.“N-no…” he said softly looking down and taking in the detail of her length, thicker at the ba

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