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Teasing only got her so far."It wasn't your black hair, brown eyes, the fact that you are six inches taller than me or even this hard thing you refer to," I told him, before I snatched his member with both hands.I quickly rush downstairs and into the laundry room.After all the hugs and kisses, the room emptied leaving the two of them alone.Nice.And there were really contented “animals” that I “cared for” in the barn…both of us contented “animals.” I had a lot to dream about, including the idea of Dad’s cock.Enthrallingly, his torso emerged: arms and biceps well defined, stomach moderately rippled, narrow waist; a mottled pattern of brown-and-black striped fur; under-breeches still covering the main point of focus, which already tented promisingly.To seemingly counter the intensity that left her with a thin veil sweat across her face, came a mercifully shorter length.O god, I'm really ready for it.This was the first time since she had took down her panties that I had g

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