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A short walk should get us home, so my sister and I decided that we should call it a night.We wouldn’t want the other staff to see you like this."You wanna go out front?" he said.And to make things interesting, the winner from tonight will walk away with £500!” Jack waved a wad of cash in the air that he had pulled out of his pocket.She knew now it was all just a plot in his mind.“Tobi, where are the girls?” I asked.The two of them were drenched in sweat from the ordeal.Or was it that smirk that was creeping over Valerie's face once more?The Night the Four of us FuckedShe was sorry she couldn't let go.With that, she precision-places the small square of paper on the table in front of him, turns, and walks off.He ripped them off, along with the underwear.Dare.I just went with it because I knew when we got there I could feel him against me again."Don't worry about me, Jeff is texting a few friends that he owes money to.How had she got here?“I want to come Franz.It was such a tr

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