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Lucius was a very physically attractive young man, and what else was a strong, intelligent woman like her to do when she had such a precociously talented and handsome youth like him chained up in the privacy of her tent?She liked to be close to fully dressed whenever her husband was around.“The ones forgotten.As she toweled off his chest and abs, he wrapped his arms around her pulled her close.Looking out between her heavy hanging hooters, Pinkie burst out...The super strength granted by the sword was still there, if anything I felt stronger than before.“I didn’t – he wasn’t – I didn’t think he was the type.” she barely got out.Where is everyone?”For some reason, I notice the ceiling.Craigslist Chronicles - BeginningsJust eager for this wanton delight.You know how it is. Just...I jumped up to my feet, still clutching the crystal as I looked for the source.Then she said "I don't know what is going on with you two but I don't like my house to b this silent" said looking

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